Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chicken Poop on the Porch (Free Range Chicken Problems)

In the spring, we bought 8 chicks from the local feed supply store.  They are almost full grown now; and the 6 hens are laying eggs.  We love collecting the eggs each day, and nothing beats the taste of fresh, free range eggs.  But...there is a dark side to free-ranging your chickens:  Chicken Poop on the Porch.

At first, the chickens stayed pretty close to their coop.  Then they got brave and ventured to the tractor shed.  A few weeks went by, and they traveled even farther to the garage.  And now here we are...the chickens think they own the whole property, including the house.  

The rooster walks right up to the back door to say hello every morning.  It is a misnomer that roosters only crow at dawn.  Our rooster crows all day.  All day.  The chickens love being on the back porch and the front porch.  And they make a lot of droppings during the day.  Which usually isn't a big deal, until their droppings are on your path out the door.  Then it is pretty gross.

How to Clean Chicken Poop Off the Porch
1st step:  Once it is dry, just sweep it off (don't try to sweep it while it is wet.  Yuck.).  I have a dedicated outdoor broom for these types of jobs.  I like having a broom with strong, stiff bristles.  

If you still have residue after sweeping, take out the hose and spray down the porch.  If you have some stubborn messes, you'll have to get out the scrubber.  Again, buy a specific scrubber for this job.  You don't want to scrub the bathtub with the same brush you use for cleaning chicken poop.  If you need to disinfect, any household cleaner should do the trick.  I'm partial to using what I have on hand, like Dawn dish soap or laundry detergent.  

Of course, all the cleaning isn't going to prevent the chickens from visiting again tomorrow.  But, as much as I dislike having chicken poop on the porch, I do love letting them free-range.  June loves to watch them out the back door.  And that's really the only reason I need.  So, I can deal with the daily mess for now.

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