Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What a little hail can do

The weather can get crazy in Nebraska. At around 8:00pm, it was still clear and warm. Around 9pm, the hubby and I were getting ready for bed. I know, we go to bed early, but we were up late the night before because I played a tennis match and didn’t get home until after 9:30pm and still had to eat dinner! But in all reality, we usually go to bed around 9pm. I like my sleep. 

Anyway, so we had just turned out the lights when I said, “Maybe we should close the windows, I think it is starting to rain.” I went out to the living room and closed the windows, when I saw it had started to hail, the hail stones were probably about pea-sized. As I walked toward the kitchen, I realized how loud it sounded upstairs. The hail was getting much bigger. Upstairs, we had just ripped up carpet and gotten the original wood floors refinished. We have more work to do upstairs (paint, furniture, decorating, etc), so the upstairs is pretty bare and echo-y. As I was listening, I heard a loud crash. The hail had broken through the window and glass had flown everywhere – even down the stairs! We had golf ball to softball sized hail in our area.

And then, just a few minutes later, we heard another crash, as the hail broke through our 1st floor master bedroom window. Ugh. So much for going to bed early. We had some cleaning up to do late last night. We stayed up another 1 ½ hours cleaning up broken glass, mopping up water, and stapling plastic over the windows. We tried to go to bed, but a second storm rolled through around midnight with more hail (no more broken windows, thankfully) and loud wind. Finally, closer to 12:30 or 1am, we were able to go to sleep. What a night!

We got up the next morning to see that the hail had also done quite a number on our siding on the whole north side of the house. And our detached garage on the north side is all torn up also. We have several outbuildings that look like the paint was stripped, but we haven’t assessed all the damage just yet. An insurance adjuster will hopefully come out this week.

 It seems bad, but I am so thankful for many things during that storm.
-We didn’t lose power. Cleaning up broken glass in the dark would have been impossible.
-We weren’t injured and didn’t receive any damage that can’t be fixed.
-Our cars were in the garage and didn’t receive any damage.

Although it is an inconvenience, the Lord really kept us safe. I also remind myself that this world is just my temporary home and these things are just possessions. Our hope is in Him, not in physical things.

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