Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring is on my mind

I am so excited for Spring to be here.  It has been downright chilly here in Nebraska prior to this week.  On Sunday, March 2nd, the high was 5 degrees.  You can't do anything outside when it is only 5 degrees!  Thankfully, the forecast for the next week is much, much warmer.  Take a look at Monday! 

We are eager to get some seeds started for our garden.  I think this will be the week for us to get going, so the veggies will be ready to put in the outside garden when it is official planting time. 

Because of this cold snap, some of the things we have been dealing with on the 'ol homestead are frozen pipes, sky high propane costs, and visiting mice.  Let's start with the pipes.  As far as we can tell, the main floor bathroom was an addition to the house that was added in the last several years.
It is a beautiful bathroom, but the heat just doesn't flow well to it.  We have had the shower pipe freeze at least 5 times since we moved into the house in November.  One of our Spring projects is to remove the drywall behind the shower and see about insulating the pipes better.

Propane prices.  Well, this factors into the frozen pipes somewhat.  Because our house is heated primarily by propane, we watch the price of propane fairly closely.  What happens in the country, generally, is that you have a propane tank (500 gallons in our case) that you pay to have filled.  Then you use that propane throughout the year, until you need to fill it again.  Something crazy happened with propane prices this year, so we have been forced to hold off on filling our tank and crank the furnance way down.  Check out this graph that shows the spike.  To save money, we have been keeping our furnance at 57 degrees!  That is cold, people!  Brrrr!  However, one of the greatest blessings this winter has been that we have a wood burning stove that feeds into our heating ducts, so we have been able to supplement with wood to heat our house. 
And lastly, because of the chilly weather (and just the fact that we live in the middle of a wooded and field-filled area), we have mice.  Mice love to come inside and chew on stuff.  They have chewed on:  wicker baskets, lotion bottles, shoes, drywall, insulation, spray foam, oatmeal for bath soaks, etc.  They are crazy little creatures.  Seth has been great about setting out traps, and we've caught a lot of them.  But, I am hoping that as the weather warms up, we won't discover nearly as many.  I'll spare you a picture of the dead mice though!  Aren't I nice?
All in all, I am ready for Spring.  I'm sure it will come with a whole new set of challenges, but I am ready to leave this cold weather behind and experience God's creation of growth, new life, and warmth!

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  1. Oh my, that is way too cold!!!!! I'm so ready for spring too!