Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seed Starting & Our New Cats

As I mentioned earlier this week, we were in the process of getting a couple of cats to help control our mouse population.  We picked up one cat on Thursday evening from a country home that had 6+ cats and at least one pregnant cat.  They needed to get rid of some.  These were true farm cats.  The gray and black tiger cat, Armando, is pretty wild.  It is not domesticated much at all.  Right now, it is scared out of its mind.  We aren't sure if it is a boy or a girl, but let's just go for boy for the time being.  We've put food and water out for him, but we don't think he's eaten anything.  He does not like to be held, so we're having a hard time taming him enough to make him feel more comfortable.  I'm just worried that if he doesn't eat or drink, he won't make it very long.  Poor little thing.

We picked up the black and white cat, Crosby, this afternoon.  This was the cat that I received the weird text message about.  He is more domestic, but doesn't seem to get along with Armando.  But he'll at least let you pet him and pick him up.  And he ate right away.  So, this is a new adventure that we will need to work on together.  I haven't had a cat since I was under 10 years old, and Seth never really had cats either.  We hope that these two cats will be mostly outdoor cats (unless the weather is awful, of course).  

In other news, I got some seeds started today!  I'd had really been procrastinating, but after a little reading and making a mess, I got 18 plants started.

I had already purchased this tray and seeding starting mix.  This is not regular potting soil, which I learned (after we had already bought potting soil).

First, I filled the tray with soil, added some water and mixed it around with an old pen.  I know, really professional.

Next, I set out the seed packets that I planned to put in each cell.

Then, I used these small plastic label sticks to label each cell.  This way, I will know what is growing when they start popping out of the dirt. 

Next, I took out two to three seeds from each pack and tossed them into the middle where I had made a small indention.

One pepper that I planted is the "Habanero Chocolate Pepper".  I think it is just called "chocolate" because of the color, but hey, maybe it takes like chocolate, too.  This was one of my fun purchases this year.

After all the seeds were put in the seed starting mix, I covered them over with some more mix and then watered them.  I don't have a watering can, so I just used a plastic cup.  I'm fancy like that.

Lastly, I covered it all over with plastic wrap.  This is to keep the heat and moisture inside.  The seeds will stay out on our enclosed porch.  I think they will get plenty of sun and stay warm out there.  They will require more water throughout the weeks also.  

I'm excited to see things grow by my own hands.  I'm even more excited to eat some stuff later this season!  Seth has promised that he will eat more vegetables from his own garden than he currently does.  He's not a huge veggie fan.

Otherwise, it has been a fairly quiet day.  Seth is working outside on our friend's car.  I'm switching between doing little chores and sitting on the couch.  Mostly sitting on the couch, if I'm being honest.  I love weekends, because I get a chance to relax and regroup.  And today, the weather is beautiful, which makes it even better!  If only we could have more weekends...Let me know when someone figures out how to make that happen. 

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