Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday's never come soon enough

I am thrilled that it is finally Friday.  This week felt like it took forever!  Seth and I are keeping busy making a lot of plans for all the things we need to do during the week, and then usually crashing on the couch at night after dinner.  It's rough, I tell ya. 

Anyway, we have a lot planned for this weekend.  My mom arrives home from visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and niece in Portland.  We are going to pick her up from the airport late tonight when she returns.  We originally planned to go with her to Portland, but since I was in Baltimore for so long, I just did not want to travel already again.  So, we've postponed that trip until later this year.

On Saturday, we have a list of stuff to do around the property:
-Repair siding that flew off during a windy day
-Repair three tires for our boat and wheelbarrow
-Clean out the garden shed
-Fix our friend's Chevy Blazer
-Clean up the pontoon boat we bought in February
-Tear up some nasty carpet upstairs
-Maybe, maybe work on our taxes (ugh!)

Our cats are doing well.  Armando we think might be a girl, so that name might have to change.  She is still really scared of everyone and everything.  She at least lets me hold her for a little while though, and I've only been mauled once.  Okay, I only got a small scratch.  But I disinfected that scratch like it was a serious wound!

Frank (which I called Crosby in my last post) is our black and white cat.  He's really starting to grow on us.  But our German Shepherd thinks otherwise.  She is not a fan of cats.  This might be a long battle to get them to get along.

Otherwise, things are going well.  Some of my plants are starting to sprout, and I am coaxing them into becoming beautiful delicious veggies!  If the weather cooperates this weekend, I think we'll feel really good about all we were able to accomplish!

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