Monday, February 3, 2014

One of those days

This day did not start out good.  I work up the the hotel alarm clock, at 6:15am, and then looked at my phone.  It said "Searching for Service".  After 30 minutes online chatting with Verizon before work and then another 30 minutes chatting with Verizon while at work, they determined nothing could be done and I have to get a new phone.  Boo!  And double boo.

Now, let me start at the beginning with the phone situation.  When Seth and I moved out the the country, we didn't have a good option for internet, so we have been using my smart phone as a hot spot to have internet at the house.  When I had to come to Baltimore, the plan was to leave the smart phone at home, and I would take Seth's basic phone with me.

Anyway, we ended up buying a "new" basic phone off a guy on craiglist before I left, since Seth's old phone was in rough shape.  This phone has been less than dependable.  We had a hard time activating it, it has been shutting down on its own, and now well, it is officially broken.

Seeing as though I'm stuck in Baltimore, and it isn't really practical to not have a cell phone, I'm going to take the bus to the Verizon store tomorrow and either see if they can fix it or potentially buy a new phone.

Anyway, the day started off rough, but we got some great news later in the day, which totally made up for the first 7 hours of my day.  And, I'm still counting down the days.  Tomorrow marks only 10 days until I am home!

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