Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dreaming of Homesteading

I have a dream of one day living on a self-sufficient homestead. You know the type with an overflowing garden, chickens running around the land, and a pig or two?  I want a fully stocked freezer and fresh eggs every morning.  I also dream of having enough fresh veggies to eat all summer and plenty to can and put away for the winter.

Back here in reality, I need to realize that I do not yet have the skill set for these tasks.  As I mentioned before, I am just learning how to garden (i.e. I've bought the seeds, but have not yet planted anything).  I have a couple of dogs, but have never worked with any chickens or livestock.  I've never canned anything either.  But, I know I can learn.  There are so many resources available to someone that wants to gain these skills.  There are books, videos, Pinterest, blogs, websites, etc that are all focused on homesteading. 

I also need to remember that I still have a full time job, and that I can't tackle all these things at one time.  And we are really still learning how to live in our new house.  Seth has been tackling most of the "quirks" himself, since I've been away.  For example, it has been a really cold winter, and we've had some frozen pipes.  You can't really focus on your dreams of a lush summer garden when you have the immediate need to thaw out a pipe!  But, we have hopes that come Spring, we will be more comfortable with the house and the land.

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